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Monitor Your Boat Remotely

Stay in Touch - and In Control - when You’re Away…

Quest Watersports is proud to unveil a brand new way to check on your boat any time, no matter where you are.  Cutting-edge systems from Siren Marine now let you remotely monitor your boat’s vital systems, track its GPS location, and control accessories from any cell phone. We’re excited to introduce Illinois boaters to this new level of security, control & peace of mind! 
How? Your Siren Marine unit keeps watch when you’re away.  At the first sign of a problem (bilge filling or over-cycling, low battery, unauthorized entry, or your boat begins to move) Siren will send a problem-specific text alert.  The device brings convenience as well, allowing you to remotely turn on/off accessories such as air conditioning.
Your Siren device communicates with you via GSM SMS messaging (aka “text message”). GSM is a global cell phone network, which is more available than WIFI, and more reliable than most satellite based systems. It’s also cost effective, requiring only a simple SMS subscription. The device can be configured to notify up to 4 cell phones or emails at a time.
Siren Pixie
Siren Pixie  This device tracks
and monitors, sending alerts via
text message if your vessel moves
outside of your GPS boundary or
takes on water.  Boat stolen?
Shut it down with a command from
any cellphone!
Siren Sprite
Siren Sprite  With an emphasis
on control, Sprite has all the
features of Pixie, and adds a
remote temperature sensor and
multiple remote switching outputs.

Configuration is flexible and easy. Your device includes a free smart phone app with graphical interface to customize settings, display GPS location, activate accessories & gather scheduled or “on the fly” reports. 
Key monitoring functions include:
  • Battery level
  • Bilge pump activation (simple on-switch alarm, or monitor over-cycling)
  • High water in bilge (optional sensor)
  • GPS geo-fence (alarm if boat leaves pre-determined radius)
  • Entry or tamper (optional door/hatch switches, motion or mat sensors)
  • Temperature changes (ambient and/or point-specific such as refrigerator)
  • Shore power loss
  • Fire alarm
Other feedback & convenience features:
  • Scheduled (1-99 hours) or ad hoc reports
  • Remote system switching (such as lights, air conditioner, refrigerator, ice maker)
  • Ignition kill switch (not recommended in all locations)
  • Confirmation message for all commands
Make sure your boat is always safe and ready to go! Contact Dennis at Quest Watersports to learn more about which Siren Marine device and configuration is right for your boat. You’ll be surprised at how easy & affordable peace of mind can be!  And…ask your insurance agent about discounts available for high bilge alert & and theft prevention equipment.

See a Siren Marine alert "in action" at Heritage Harbor...starring Quest's own Dennis Cruise!