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Electric Bike Rentals

Now, experience Starved Rock Country under electric power!  If you haven't tried an electric bike, you're in for a surprise...all the fun and freedom of your favorite bike growing up, but with a major kick!  Let the built-in motor silently do the work, or add pedal power to go farther and faster than ever before.   

Quest's fleet features Pace model eBikes from Aventon.  Choose one of five boost levels on the digital display, then simply activate the thumb throttle to get yourself moving.  Add optional pedal power to accelerate faster and gain greater speed (and extend battery charge).  And when it's time to slow down, hand-operated disc brakes provide plenty of stopping power.  Whatever your style, it's easy and fun!

All rentals include a premium bike helmet; bring your own if you prefer.  All bikes are equipped with a cable lock, signal bell and rear-facing safety lamp.    


eBike Rental

Available April 15 to mid-October, weather permitting.  Extended dates may be offered - please call.

         2 hours               3 hours               4 hours       
                        Rental Rates:   $55 $75 $95

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Please read:  Riders must be at least 14 years old and be able to safely and confidently
operate a bicycle.  Riders under 18 years old must also be accompanied (on their own bike)
by a parent or legal guardian.  A suitable bicycle helmet must be worn at all times while
riding; Quest will provide helmets as needed, and we encourage you to bring your own
helmet if you have one.  Suitable shoes must be worn at all times while riding; open-toed shoes
such as sandals of flip-flops are NOT allowed.  We recommend comfortable sport-type shoes
that will provide reasonable protection during riding, stopping, etc.  Please arrive at Quest 20-30
minutes prior to your scheduled reservation in order to complete paperwork, select safety
equipment, and allow for proper fitting and orientation to your eBike.

Call 815-433-2200 for assistance

Explore the historic I&M Canal, which is an ideal walking and biking thoroughfare through Starved Rock Country,  connecting multiple state parks, the Illinois and Fox Rivers, downtown Ottawa and numerous historic sites.  We highly recommend planning your eBike route around the I&M Canal trail; it is accessible across the street from the Quest facility and is safer and more scenic than adjacent east-west roadways - learn more about the Canal and various destinations along the way.  Grab a bike, jump on the path and enjoy!  

When on trails, please be courteous to pedestrians and other bikers, as you will likely be moving faster than most.  When passing slower-moving parties, do so where possible on their left, after first announcing that you are doing so and/or ringing your bell.  When on roads, follow all legal driving and biking rules, including use of hand signals for turning.  Our eBikes are rated for a range of up to 40 miles per charge/rental session.  This will be greatly affected by gears used, amount of pedaling vs. throttle, rider weight, and even weather conditions (wind).  Remaining battery charge is indicated on the computer displays on the bikes.  If a battery is expended, eBikes can be pedaled like normal bikes, but please plan your trip and monitor battery charge accordingly.

Thanks and enjoy your ride!